Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Minimum 3 people are required to start the game.

10 seconds per question. After 10 seconds, the game moves to another question.

Yes, you can choose a mix of questions from the already provided template.

Percentage of total voters for an answer. In easy words, how many people voted for a particular player on a certain question.

Create a table and share the link or code to the game with your friends. Ask them to join the game and get on revealing the truths!

  • After the game admin has created a channel they will be taken to the questions selection screen.
  • On this screen admin can add custom questions by tapping the “Create Question” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Admin can add multiple questions on the “Create Question” screen. When done press Next to go back to “Question selection screen”
  • A separate category for custom questions will be added. From there user can select custom questions
  • Create game > create questions > add your questions > next