Time to uncover
the truth!

Buddy Bow – Mobile game, a portal to honest revelations of what your friends think about you!

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Fun way to find out facets of your personality!

Buddy Bow is the perfect game if you’ve been itching to know what your friends think about you. Choose your questions and add in your buddies to start voting for the most likely names!
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Play from anywhere

Play from anywhere

You don’t have to be in the same room as your friends to play this mobile game.

Liven up the party

Liven up the Party

Meant to be an ice-breaker for any and every one.
sneaky little buddy

Sneaky Little Buddy

Chance to ask the questions you’ve been itching to know the answers to!
What do others think

Find out what others are thinking about you

We’ve all been curious to know how our friends perceive us. This is your chance to settle the curiosity once and for all! Ask the questions and let others reveal their thoughts about you as a personality test through voting on this mobile game!
How To

How to play this mobile game

Grab few of your friends 👭 and Join a game by sharing the link with others 🔗. Choose a list of questions that you are most curious to know 🤔. Start the game and vote for the individual that best describes the question ☑️. Don’t let the timer run out! ⏳️. Find out who voted the most in which questions for you through results! 💭
Chill and play
Add your features

Spice Up The Revelation!

We are bringing a Premium version for all the Buddy Bow lovers! Bring in your friends and find out what they think about you through an endless series of questions! With the premium version you can:

Take a closer look at Buddy Bow Mobile Game

BuddyBow is a game that tells you what others think about you! Meant for a group of lively individuals to express their thoughts by voting for the names they think are most relevant to the question.


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Releasing soon

Free up storage, Buddy Bow coming to your Mobiles on

20th September 2022

Buddy Bow is going to be the perfect ice breaker game you can be looking for! Share with your friends and follow us on social media to stay updated for the Trailer coming soon and more such information!

Try our app now!

Buddy Bow game is here! Bring in your buddies and start revealing some truths today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Minimum 3 people are required to start the game. Add as many as you like!
60 seconds per question. After 60 seconds, the game moves to another question.

Yes, you can choose a mix of questions from the already provided template.

Percentage of total voters for an answer. In easy words, how many people voted for a particular player on a certain question.

Create a table and share the link or code to the game with your friends. Ask them to join the game and get on revealing the truths!

  • After the game admin has created a channel they will be taken to the questions selection screen.
  • On this screen admin can add custom questions by tapping the “Create Question” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Admin can add multiple questions on the “Create Question” screen. When done press Next to go back to “Question selection screen”
  • A separate category for custom questions will be added. From there user can select custom questions
  • Create game > create questions > add your questions > next

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